Saving money is something that we all are interested in, especially since owning a home can be very expensive at times. One of the major expenses for any homeowner is paying for energy, be it in the form of electricity, gas or oil.

If you were to make a few changes to your every day routine, however, this could potentially save you a lot of money.

Just a few degrees difference on your thermostat could make a huge difference in your monthly bill. Consider investing in a digital thermostat that you can program. This will let you pick times of the day where your house doesn’t need to be heated or cooled to the same temperature. You should also make sure that the system is in the best shape possible. There are usually filters that you can replace yourself to make sure that the airflow in your system isn’t hindered by clogged up filters.

Lighting can also cost quite a bit of money, especially if you are using the old style incandescent bulbs.

LED or CFL bulbs will provide comparable lighting for a lot less.

Large modern house with walkway and lots of grass.
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