Many of us have seen news reports on the huge amounts of destruction that a sinkhole can cause. They not only put property and roads at risk but more importantly, they are a danger to human life. If you are concerned about sinkholes being a problem on or around your property, what are some of the warning signs you could look out for that indicate a sinkhole could be forming?

There are quite a few warning signs to look out for, with some being more noticeable than others. For example, some of the subtler signs to watch out for are: plants dying off with no apparent cause. This could be because the plants’ water source is draining away into a sinkhole. You might also notice trees and fence posts exposing areas that are usually under the ground. They may also start to lean over. Water could also start pooling in places that previously have never experienced this issue. What are some of the more noticeable signs? Openings might appear in the ground, you could see rapid ground subsidence or cracks forming in the ground in circular patterns.

These are some warning signs to look for on your property, but what might you observe inside the home? You might notice that doors and windows have become difficult to open and close. Cracks could also start forming in the floors and walls and, if you have well water, it might become cloudy or muddy looking.

This has just been a few of the warning signs that could mean a sinkhole is forming close by. Its good to have in mind, however, that some of these indicators could also be caused by a completely different problem with the home. If you have started noticing any of these signs, the best thing to do is have the property inspected to find out the source of the problem.

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