A home inspector has to be very cautious when inspecting certain areas of a home. One of those areas is the crawlspace underneath the house. The reasons for this are pretty obvious as they are dark and, most of the time, unchecked places. This means all kinds of potential hazards are found there. What are some of these hazards that a homeowner should be aware of?

One of these potential hazards are pests. A crawlspace can be home to all kinds of creatures, some of which could be dangerous to humans. Because crawlspaces are difficult areas to move around in, you could find yourself face to face with one of these creatures and have no easy means of retreat.

Another issue you might encounter with crawlspaces are standing water or even sewage. This can create a variety of health problems and can damage any belongings you have there. Mold and fungus are another concern with crawlspaces as it can thrive in this type of environment.

If you suspect the home has some structural problems, you should be extra careful when entering a crawlspace. As home inspectors, we are very careful when it comes to this. Always make sure someone knows where you are and what you are doing in a crawlspace. It is very easy to encounter problems or get trapped so having someone else aware of this is important. There are many other hazards associated with crawlspaces, if you need to go into one make sure you wear the appropriate protective clothing and equipment.

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